Dometic Milenco GRAND AERO3 Towing Mirrors - Twin pack w/ Carry Bag

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The Dometic Grand Aero 3 Mirror offers all the benefits of the Aero 3 Mirror, plus the maximum view possible, combined with very high stability. With the Grand Aero 3 Mirror it enables you to see the top and bottom of your caravan so you can avoid hazards, such as low trees branches, sign posts sticking out etc. This is a very high quality product, manufactured with the best materials available. The mirror screws are high-grade stainless steel and turn in brass inserts that will never corrode. The mirror glass is chrome safety glass, which will offer extremely long life and will not discolour after a few years.

  • Universal design mounts on all existing mirrors
  • Easy grip clamp attachments does not require the use of any tools
  • The air balanced design stops vibration
  • Perfect view adjustment allows the head to rotate 360o
  • The innovative patented design allows the mirror to work with curved mirrors
  • Mirrors can be purchased in twin or single packs and replacement parts are available
  • Twin pack includes storage bag


SKU: DM2912